Yummy Hunks
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Yummy Hunks are slice~able blends of fragranced wax hunked out to approx. 2-3 oz sizes

Choose either our house blends or create your own blend of up to three fragrances

When custom blending, use the drop down box to add your choices in fragrances

(only use scents from our fragrance line or suggested blends)

Adding fragrances that we do not carry will only delay your order

We love requests but plesae contact us before ordering to see if we can supply it

Select one hunk at approx. 2-3 oz.   Four hunks at approx. 10 oz. OR a 1 lb. bag in the drop down box

One or two fragrance and an overpour

This is a custom order product and most are made to order


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Yummy Hunks

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